UID* a poem by S. P. Udayakumar

U are no longer U,

I am no longer I,

We are all 12 number Digits

It’s their UID.

U carried anything?

I never held nothin.

Now U and I keep something,

It‘s their UID.

U aren’t Kashmiri Muslim,

I am no Kanyakumari Tamil,

U and I are numbers

It’s our new ID.

RAW can track U and I

IB, CBI can keep an eye,

So can Q-Branch and CID

That’s why we have UID.

Where I go, when I come,

Who U see, what U chomp,

PMO can find and U can’t hide,

That’s what does the UID.

Grandpa’s name and color of eye,

Dates and prints and scanned iris,

All other data have U and I

Hi-tech plastic will keep it by.

U and I were roaming free

No longer will they allow that spree,

Rich men inside and rich men out

Want to keep us under their clout.

Poor we were, but free I say

Alas, now we’re sold to USA,

Indeed the UID is our new ID

And UID is nothing but USAID.

The Great Dictator of Modern Times

Protects, provides and makes high claims,

As long as carry the card U and I

And never say nay or ask even why.

Think your thoughts and speak your mind?

Stand up high with friends behind,

Demand your rights and cry and coo?

He’d find your number and burst U too.

Wake up U, I wake up thee,

Shirk your sleep and apathy.

U and I should make a deed

Lest we lose our Hind ID!