By Rushal Thaker

The attacks in Mumbai were harrowing. Add to this the recent outrage in Gaza Strip. Terrorism is an imperative threat to mankind.

Be it the Hitler’s war on Jews or the American occupation of Palestine, Iraq and Latin ; be it the trouble in Afghanistan and Pakistan or be it ‘War on Terrorism’ itself; be it the Police shooting at innocent children and men in tribal regions of India or the army raping their (tribal) women; be it the attack on our Parliament or be it the bombings of cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Malegaon… the list just ceases to end; all claim innocent lives.

We must realize the significance of understanding the logic behind these ‘wars’, or else we are certain to fall prey to the deceptive propaganda laid out to drag us away from the real motives behind such brutal massacres.

All these wars are related to each other in some way or the other. Around 70% of America’s economy is war based / dependent. And so, America is obligated to sell off its bombs and choppers for its development. Clearly the common man doesn’t buy them.

So whom does America sell its weapons?

American officials have repeatedly admitted that ‘America needs enemies to survive, real or virtual…!’ And hence the Vietnam, Korea, Bolivia and Gulf Wars.

There is one more way by which America has egged on its weapon business. It has perpetually supported various militant organizations like Taliban and Al-Qaida. Where else do these terrorist outfits get their ‘state of the art’ weapons from?

Secondly, although America never admits it, but its economy has been in a terrible recession since long. For the last two decades, the best that it has managed is a growth of around 5%. Its Goliath MNCs have been ravenous for new markets. That’s the reason why America is always hell bent on forcing the third world countries to ‘open’ their economies for American companies (they force one-sided trade). But the third world countries realize the danger of doing that, and hence resist; Cuba and Venezuela being classic examples.

Most importantly, America has its eye on the vast oil reserves in the Gulf and in Latin America. And so it has always tried to establish military bases in countries of such strategic importance. But these countries have just not let America prevail. These happen to be the major reasons of America waging or financing endless wars.

Humans cost less than dollars!

And to do all this, America needs to portray ‘somebody’ as the ‘world enemy’. Probably that explains why is it that ‘Not all Terrorists are Muslims, BUT all Muslims are Terrorists’. So in the most sincere efforts to save the world from these ‘traitors’, America wages ‘War on Terror’, err ‘War on Muslims’!

The result, countless bomb and war victims in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere continue to roam around homeless, jobless, food less and without medical attention. I ask you if this happens to you, would you ever protest and hit back to culminate this injustice, or would you choose to die a spineless and shameful death?

And when people start fighting for their rights, they are labeled as ‘terrorists’. We have striking examples to this in India as well. Some forces identify Bhagat Singh as a terrorist, don’t they? Film maker Ajay T G and maseeha Dr Binayak Sen is termed a Naxalite.

Even our media has joined hands with the swindlers. We read and see all sorts of stories about Muslims engaged in terror activities all over the globe. Why don’t we ever see even a glimpse of American atrocities in Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Asia? It’s easy to guess. The entire Indian media industry ‘buys news’ from the American and European media giants. Would they ever discuss their atrocities?

While analyzing the recent attacks in Mumbai, we conveniently put the blame on Pakistan. However, we can not afford to disregard the fact that even Pakistan has been subject to similar instances of terrorism. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. There have been countless suicide bombers creating menace all over in Pakistan. Even their five star hotels have been attacked repeatedly.

As a matter of fact, terrorism has very little to do with the culprits belonging to a certain religion, country or race. Terrorism rises from injustice and the prevalent Economic System. It’s always the poor and unemployed who actually take part in such doings. Kasab was a poor worker’s son, not able to find a job! The ruling forces take advantage of this helplessness to ‘mould’ them into the beasts they become.

Fellow citizens, in tough times like these, teaming up to understand and wipe out the roots of terrorism seems to be the only rational step towards ensuring a peaceful and ‘livable’ world for us and our future generations. We need to recognize our role in fostering our society.