Workshop on Judicial Activism by Dominique Lobo

Report by Prashant Nandi

Mr. Dominique Lobo is an active Judicial Activist of India , who works mainly in the area of Pimpri – Chinchwad of Maharashtra.

Previously he was an elected representative for Khadki cantonment area and during that time he eradicated many corruption from his constituency. His approach of activism is law activism , He files cases in the courts & fights by himself against Civic administration in order to resolve the issues of common man, community, like filling of pot holes, new roads construction etc.

He took an workshop for Lokayat activist on 26July Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm , so that lokayat activist can also file cases in order to resolve some issues in our existing society. He explained the importance of section 91 of CPC & section 39 of CRPC ,section 409 of IPC and how one can use that . At the end of the workshop he showed a template which can be used to file case against Civic authorities demanding for increase the number of PMPML buses. Overall it was a wonderful experience,where participants in workshop have learned about Judicial activism.

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