Genetically Modified Food and its harmful effects

By Sujeet Patil

The government is making strong propaganda to introduce genetically modified (GM) Food . Let us understand what this GM food is and what are effects of this unnatural food.

Genetically modified (GM) foods are foods derived from genetically modified organisms. The DNA of genetically modified organisms has been modified through genetic engineering, unlike similar food organisms developed through the conventional genetic modification of selective breeding (plant breeding and animal breeding) or mutation breeding.

It literally means that natural growing of crops is stopped and unnatural process is used for growing crops it’s not only harmful but its very dangerous because you are going against the nature.

The government will give reason that we are bringing GM foods to increase the yield and GM foods are bacterial resistant. But several studies supported by organic growers have claimed that genetically modified varieties of plants do not produce higher crop yields than normal plants.

One study by Charles Benbrook, Chief Scientist of the Organic Center, found that genetically engineered Roundup Ready soybeans do not increase yields (Bendrook, 1999). The report reviewed over 8,200 university trials in 1998 and found that Roundup Ready soybeans yielded 7-10% less than similar natural varieties.

In 1998 Rowett Research Institute scientist Árpád Pusztai reported that consumption of potatoes genetically modified to contain lectin had adverse intestinal effects on rats. Pusztai eventually published a paper, co-authored by Stanley Ewen, in the journal, The Lancet The Zambian Minister for Agriculture Mundia Sikatana has insisted that the ban on genetically modified maize remains, saying “We do not want GM (genetically modified) foods and our hope is that all of us can continue to produce non-GM foods.

In April 2004 Hugo Chavez announced a total ban on genetically modified seeds in Venezuela.
Most of European countries have banned usage of genetically modified foods.

Traditionally, farmers in all nations saved their own seed from year to year. Allowing farmers to follow this practice with genetically modified seed would result in seed developers losing the ability to profit from their breeding work. Therefore, genetically-modified seed are subject to licensing by their developers in contracts that are written to prevent farmers from following this traditional practice.

This will result in big corporations taking over the seeds and they will be patented farmers will not able to purchase seeds from them. This is consciously made to destroy all our agricultural land.

Our natural resources such as land, water, forest are being controlled in the name of efficient use. Now they are even going to control our food which is basic necessity of our life that means they are going to have check over natural production of food by introducing GM food.

Lets unite to revolt against GM food and put pressure not to introduce artificial food.

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