Invitation – Lokayat presents a tribute to Tagore on his 150 years….


presents a tribute to Tagore on his 150 years….

with a Play

Parable of the Last Post Office

direction and design: Parnab Mukherjee

Performed by students of:

Mahatma Gandhi International School-Ahmedabad

Time Limit: 50-minutes without any intermission

Date:     Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time:    4 – 5 pm

Venue: Lokayat Hall, Opp. Syndicate Bank, Law College Road, Near Nal Stop, Pune

Entry free.


The name of Parable of the Last Post Office is an allusion to the play Dakghar…though this performance piece has very little to do with it. This piece explores the political sub-text of Tagore’s poetry with a series of installation videos created with children.

Between 1878 and 1932, Tagore visited more than thirty countries on five continents. On 10 November 1912, Tagore began touring the United States and the United Kingdom, staying in Butterton, Staffordshire with the friends of C.F. Andrews. From  May 3, 1916 until April 1917, Tagore went to Japan and the United States.

Shortly after returning to India, the 63-year-old Tagore accepted the Peruvian government’s invitation to visit. He then travelled to Mexico. Each government pledged US$100,000 to the school at Shantiniketan (Visva-Bharati) in commemoration of his visits. A week after his November 6, 1924 arrival in Buenos Aires, Argentina, an ill Tagore moved into the Villa Miralrío at the behest of Victoria Ocampo. He left for India in January 1925. On  May 30, 1926, Tagore reached Naples, Italy; he met Benito Mussolini in Rome the next day. They fell out a little  while later when on July 20, 1926, Tagore attacked Mussoloini’s view of nationalism in no uncertain terms.
On July 14, 1927, Tagore began a four-month tour of Southeast Asia, visiting Bali, Java, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Penang, Siam, and Singapore. In early 1930 he left Bengal for a  year-long tour of Europe and the United States.  Amongst others, he visited Aga Khan III, stayed at Dartington Hall, and toured Denmark, Switzerland, and Germany from June to mid-September 1930, then the usual Soviet Union. Once again, in April 1932, Tagore——was hosted by Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran. Tagore’s last travels abroad, including visits to Persia and Iraq (in 1932) and Ceylon in 1933, only reinforced  his strong opnions  about nationalism.

Our play explore Tagore’s Persian and Iraq diaries ( and a shirt conversation he had in Milan) in relation to the milieu around us.

About the director:

An independent media analyst and a performance consultant by profession, Mr. Parnab Mukherjee is one of the leading alternative theatre directors’ of the country. He divides his time between Kolkata, Imphal and the Darjeeling hills. He has directed more than 150 full-length/workshop productions.
He also presently curates a series called Talk Gandhi exploring the dissent writings of Mahatma Gandhi.

Do join us for this fantastic performance.

in solidarity,


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