Lokayat Dharana Aug 21, Saturday: Justice for Bhopal, Ban GM foods, Withdraw Nuclear Liability Bill –


Justice For Bhopal,  Ban GM Foods,  Withdraw Nuclear Liability Bill

Date: Saturday, August 21, 2010
Time: 5 pm to 8 pm
Venue: Tilak Putla, Mahatma Phule Mandai, Near Shanipar, Pune

As you are aware, the government, bowing to Monsanto and US pressure, has quietly passed the BIOTECHNOLOGY REGULATORY AUTHORITY BILL in Parliament, which is nothing but a blatant attempt to get around the moratorium placed on Bt Brinjal and fast track its introduction in the country. It will have disastrous implications on the health of our people, along with threatening the food security of the country.

The government is also using all kinds of tricks to pass the NUCLEAR LIABILITY BILL in Parliament, again under US pressure. The bill puts the entire responsibility for paying compensation for a nuclear disaster on the government of India (and the operator of the plant, which is an Indian government company), and not on the supplier of the nuclear equipment! In other words, on the Indian people!! It is an invitation to disaster. Freed of all liabilities, the foreign suppliers will deliberately try to cut corners in order to maximize their profits. Like what happened in Bhopal, and led to the gas leak.

And, as has come in the papers, the US is now mounting pressure on the government of India to go slow on holding DOW Chemicals responsible for the BHOPAL GAS LEAK. Considering the way the government is bootlicking US corporations, it will not be a surprise if they quietly agree and allow the legal proceedings to take another 26 years…

India’s rulers have put the country on SALE. The goverment is creating conditions for a thousand more Bhopals, a thousand more Chernobyls… Unfortunately, most people are not aware of this huge tragedy befalling our country. We must rise, awaken the people…

Join us for this DHARNA… let us all do our bit to create a mighty movement… It will take time, but we must begin, only if there is a beginning will there be an end.

in solidarity,


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