Pune Metro: Big Dream – Bigger Problems!!!!!

By – Rushar Thaker

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is planning to introduce the Metro rail system in the city to solve our traffic congestions. It has proposed a route from Vanaz corner to Ramvadi (approx 15 km) for elevated metro scheme.

Vanaz Corner  —  Nal Stop  —  Deccan  —  Good Luck square  —  J M Road  — Pataleshwar Temple —  CoEP Hostel —  Pune Station  —  Ramvadi

In the last few years, Pune has seen a mammoth rise in the number of private vehicles, specially 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers. And the once ‘Cycle City’ has now become one of Asia’s most polluted and traffic congested cities! While it is evident that traffic congestion happens due to private vehicles (which carry 1 person most of the times – but take space for 3 to 4 people), PMC’s constant negligence towards improving our Public Transport System has only added to the problem.

The Metro rail system is impractical in Pune’s due to the following reasons à

  • Insane Traffic Planning: Pune’s geography (circular city) is not suitable for local train / metro as they can never cover the city in totality
  • Demolitions all over: The proposed route shall enforce demolitions of a number of buildings / shops along the route, including the Pataleshwar temple (J M Road) & CoEP hostel
  • No Parking Space near Metro Stations: Due to lack of space there are no places where we can park our vehicles to break our journey (park at Metro station – board Metro – come back – take back vehicle)
  • Metro will be Costly: The fare for 1 km is Rs 8. Bike is 8 times cheaper!
  • Traffic Congestion will Worsen: as private vehicles will keep increasing (800 a day as of today) – road space will remain the same (in fact less where Metro will run). Metro can solve traffic woes ONLY IF people give up private vehicles and use Metro – which is absolutely impractical AS OF TODAY
  • Astronomical Cost: The initial estimate for 1 route is a whopping Rs. 17,000 crores – this is expected to go up to Rs. 30,000 crore! PMC’s Annual Budget is worth Rs. 2,500 crores. PMC is sure to take huge loans for implementing this project, which Punekars (for the next 100 years!) will have to pay off in the form of:

o   Costly Water

o   Increased Taxes (ALL kinds)

o   Reduced / No expenditure in Public Schools, Public Hospitals, Public Toilets, Parks, Gardens, Sewage and other necessities!

Metro will run for 60 years – Punekars will repay the loans for 100 years!

Owing to these troubles (and many more) there has been a constant demand for scrapping the elevated Metro plan and introducing Underground Metro in the intellectual circle of Pune – which is even more insane:

  • At least 2.5 times costlier than Elevated Metro è approx investment of Rs. 80,000 crores (Just imagine the impact)
  • PMC has failed to take care of underground Sewage and digging systems – Metro is a distant dream!

Experts claim that the best way to sort out traffic problems in Pune is to IMPROVE the Bus Service – AT THE SAME TIME put a curb on the unchecked growth of private vehicles

The PMC held a Public Meeting on Friday, 18-Jun-10 to hear the views of citizens – but COMPLETELY NEGLECTED these simple and logical concerns. This shows that they are least bothered about public opinion and want to go ahead with the project without caring about citizens. The ONLY WAY TO STOP this disastrous project is to come together and mount pressure to scrap this project!


3 Responses to Pune Metro: Big Dream – Bigger Problems!!!!!

  1. atif aslam says:

    1.pune is not most polluted.were did u get this.
    2.its not that much costly as you telling.
    3.parking is not at all issue while using metro
    4.u should not ask for name and email id

  2. free transit says:

    U.S. – same bad solution: trying to impose rail on auto chaos. First go to fare-free buses. Then as ridership increases, add more buses. Then the frequency will be such that more will ride. This is the way to reduce the auto traffic. After that, rail can be planned.

  3. Swapnil Potdar says:

    yes,its true n i agree

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