Protest against Pune Metro and against Farse of Public Hearing

Time: Wednesday, 23rd June, 3:30- 5:30 pm

Venue: Pune Municipal Corporation Main Gate, Pune

This is a call to you to participate in a protest or.ganized by various organizations in Pune, against the Metro proposal being moved by Pune Municipal Corporation and also to protest the farse that it conducted in the name of a Public Hearing on Friday, 18th June. repre

In the public hearing, none of the representatives of organizatations opposed to Metro were allowed to speak. They allowed metro supporters to speak one after another to speak. After that they had almost announced the closure of the publsic hearing. Looking at this far the representatives of voluntary organizations started protesting and after that few of them including Neeraj Jain, Vinita Deshmukh, Prashant Inamdar were allowed to talk for sometime.The answers that DMRC representative gave to the objections raised were ridiculous and some of them blatant lies. When people started asking counter questions, the public hearing was suddenly concluded ! The commissioner even refused to accept written objections, saying that this hearing does not have a legal standing. This kind of a public hearing is a joke on Democracy and we are going to protest against it on Wednesday when the PMC convenes to take a decision on spending on the Metro .

We are demanding scrapping of the Metro project and instead strengthening the existing bus system (PMPMML) at just 1 to 2 % of Metro’s cost. Please find attached a note on our stand on Metro and the alternative proposed.


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