Anu Roko Yatra Oct 2,2010

We had participated in a very successful public meeting at Mithi Virdi (Bhavnagar district, Gujarat) on April 25, 2010 against an American nuclear power plant proposed to be set up there. Along with many Gujarat-based leaders such as Krishnakant, Michael Mazgaonkar and others, Dr. Banwarilal Sharma, Karuna Raina and Dr. S. P. Udaykumar also participated.
That evening all of us, some 50 anti-nuclear activists, had a meeting at a small town called Mahuva and it was facilitated by Dr. Banwarilal Sharma. One of the major decisions was to try and organize a national train tour starting from October 2, 2010 (Anu Roko Yatra) that touches some of the existing and upcoming nuclear power plant locations and other important cities on the way. Udaykumar and myself discussed it further.
Here are some sketchy details and we need your input, help and cooperation to make the plan a reality:
It would be a roughly 25-day tour. There will be a core team of 10-15 people that goes through the whole tour and there will be more people joining/leaving and travelling between specific points. A local team would organize a public event and a press meet wherever the tour goes. Here is a rough time-table:
Oct 2:  Starting from Kanyakumari
Stop 1: Chennai
Stop 2: Vishakapatnam
Stop 3: Bhubaneswar
Stop 4: Kolkata
Stop 5: Ranchi
Stop 6: Bhopal
Stop 7: Haryana/Chandigarh
Stop 8: Ahmedababd
Stop 9: Mumbai
Stop 10: Bangalore – optional, not finalised, depends upon local response (Concluding on October 24, UN Day)
We need volunteers who will be willing to join us for this yatra. A minimum of 10 volunteers are required. At present we have two, Udaykumar and myself. We are also suggesting that from the various anti-nuclear movements, one participant joins the Yatra, and this individual can also be replaced by another from the same group after a certain period of time.So we need volunteers from amongst you.

We need to print handbills, brochures in Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Hindi, Gujarathi, Marathi, and Kannada.

Please share with us your thoughts and ideas.

In solidarity,

Neeraj Jain


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