Surprise! Americans Want Public Transportation

Hot on the heels of debate over a new transportation spending bill, a new poll shows that most Americans want to see more funding for public transportation, and only drive because they have few better options.

In a survey commissioned by the transportation advocacy group Transportation For America (T4), pollsters asked Americans what priorities they’d like to see in an upcoming transportation bill that will replace 2005’s SAFETEA-LU.

It may come as a shock to anyone whose town’s main road features parking lots, strip malls and no mass transit to speak of that most Americans (82 percent) would like to see expanded public transportation that makes better use of rail and buses.

Similarly, though 73 percent of respondents said they have “no choice” but to drive most places, the majority said they’d rather be getting to work, school or vacation some other way — specifically, on a bus, on a bike or on foot.


2 Responses to Surprise! Americans Want Public Transportation

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