LOKAYAT Trip to Himachal Pradesh

By Sujit Patil

On 24th june we reached a village near palampur at 3.30pm in the afternoon. We have decided to have one session in the evening at 6pm. It is going to be conducted by Sripad dharmadkari a activist who is working mainly on water issues he is associated with a trust by the name manhattan he led us to very burning issue of water privatisation. He also gave what reason is given by government for privatising the water is that private co. are efficient and government is corrupted so need of privatisation. But the main issue is that there is no proper distribution of water so there is scarcity. The people who are needed water is not provided and to the corporations lakhs of litre is provided. The water privatisation has been happening from longtime but from last decade it has been done speedily. There are some examples of privatisation of water to name a few shivnag of chattisgarh, thirukar in tamil nadu, mysore , hubli-dharwad in Karnataka nagpur in maharastra etc etc the list goes on and on…….. The session was informative and also made us to realise that we are in very difficult times where large amount of population is not getting water on the other side rivers, seas, lakes are being sold to private parties.
On 25th june morning session is conducted by Bhanwari lal sharma a professor, convenor of azadi bachao andolan he threw a light on post independence people movement it started with soviet union of Russia upto china revolution and to movements in India started with vinoba bhave’s bhoodan andolan than Dr lohiya andolan , sarvodya movement there was jaganathan’s dalit movement afterwards due to inflation, corruption, dictatorship and unemployment there was overwhelming response to JP movement where bhanwari lal sharma were leader of student union in Allahabad after this movement there were various movements which were carried by people in every part of this country. He said pros and cons of every movement. It was very learning experience and to understand peoples power of this country.

On the same day in the afternoon after the wonderful lunch another activist by name Nandini Ohja took us through the problem of BIG DAMS and people resistance in various big dam projects. She gave what are consideration should be taken before approval of BIG DAMS namely sensitivity, command area development, catchment area treatment, flora and fauna, carrying capacity, health impact etc but these were not at all considered in approving big projects.
On the next day we came across a woman she started her lecture by saying “THE ORGANISMS WHICH CO-OPERATE WITH NATURE WILL SURVIVE” She came from US in 1961 to India. She builds house from using natural mud which is very nature friendly. The facts given by her are worth noting that is 23% and more carbon content in India are due to cement, steel, baked bricks etc.
The houses built by her using mud bricks don’t emit carbon. Mud bricks are cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Gandhian principles are very much attached to mud brick houses.
She also threw the light on that fact that in last 20 years language diversity and cultural diversity are being extinct and said that earthworms are not our guests we are there guests.
It was very useful for us and also came across various harmful effects of modern construction.
On next day prashant bushan took us through inception of judiciary. The main object of judiciary was to prevent the people from doing any wrong to king. In earlier times there were 2 types of courts house of lords and privy council where US cases and cases of colonies were dealt respectively by these courts. He explained why there is complex procedures followed. Then he explained about the IX schedule of constitution where he said that any law in this schedule cannot be changed and also said about basic structure of constitution which cannot be changed. Constitution amendment must be made by 2/3rd majority but fundamental rights can be made by simple majority. He discussed various points namely
• Corruption cases in judiciary with examples
• Appointment of judges
• Contempt of court
• Land acquisition Act
• Police arrest and why we must take permission from police before rallies, dharna etc
• Difference between human rights, fundamental rights, legal rights etc
It was very informative and also he explained the law in very simple way so we understood in a proper way.


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