Killing factory DOW Again

Killing factory DOW again ready to enter and reemerged after it was almost kicked out from Pune as an out come of huge protest by people. Now so-called steady governance (!!!) of India tries to push it again as a part of big conspiracy, big lies and big betrayal to people.

Don’t Let Dow Create another Bhopal in Pune

Fight to Stop the Construction Of Dow’s R&D Centre Near Pune!
Dow Chemicals, an American Multinational Corporation, is setting up a Research and Development Centre at Shinde Vasuli village, near Chakan in Pune District, 30 kms from Pune. What research it is going to do, no one knows. But what is definitely known is that this research centre was denied permission in the US and Europe for reasons of toxicity. And so, Dow is opening this research centre in India. There are hardly any laws regulating industrial pollution in India. The few that exist are not implemented. The people of the region are angry. They refuse to be guinea pigs. Their beautiful area will become polluted. People’s health will be destroyed. Even coming generations will be affected. And so, the people of Shinde Vasuli and nearby villages have launched an agitation against this proposed Dow R&D centre. Their demand: the government must cancel the land allotment to Dow; Dow must leave the area. We, the people of Pune, must support this struggle, to prevent another possible Bhopal…

DOW IN INDIA: Succeeding the Killer of Bhopal

Dow took over Union Carbide, the company responsible for the Bhopal Gas Disaster, in 2001. Despite holding full ownership of Union Carbide, it is refusing to accept any liabilities for the disaster. The gas leak was a result of deliberate negligence and naked profiteering. It has killed 20,000 so far, while over 1.5 lakh people still suffer, from serious illnesses caused by the gas. Despite the immensity of the tragedy, Dow refuses to help in the medical and economic rehabilitation of the gas victims. It claims that the compensation of Rs. 25,000 paid to the Bhopal victims “is plenty good enough for an Indian”. Dow is also refusing to clean up the toxic wastes and the contaminated soil and groundwater around the plant site. More than 20,000 people living in the area have no alternative but to drink this contaminated water. The result: even today, deformed children are being born. Dow argues that the clean-up of the toxic wastes at the plant site is the responsibility of the MP government, and that the money for it can come out of the compensation paid to the victims! Such is Dow, inhuman, cold-blooded, heartless…

DOW IN INDIA: Brazenly Bribing Officials

In February 2007, the US Security and Exchange Commission reported that Dow has admitted that it paid $ 200,000 as bribes to Indian officials to get three pesticides registered in India. Following this revelation, the CBI raided Dow’s offices in six Indian cities. Of course, nothing has happened after that, ‘Investigations are on…’ Meanwhile, the pesticides continue being sold, Dow continues to profit. One of these pesticides is Dursban. It is proven to brain damage children. Its sale has been restricted in the United States. In 2003, Dow paid a fine of $ 20 lakhs to the state of New York for illegally advertising Dursban as “safe”. Dow and the govt. are so much in collusion, which even before the committee report has came; on 26th February Dow tried to restart construction work under police protection. The villagers protested even courted arrest and eventually forced Dow to stop construction once again.


Dow has never produced anything other than toxic chemicals which cause cancers, deform babies, turn millions of healthy people into invalids and poison entire regions the world over. Its research in Shinde Vasuli is only for producing more such poisons, and the toxic wastes from this research are going to devastate the nearby area for miles, even reaching Pune. It is not only in our interest but in the best interests of humanity that we should not allow the construction of Dow’s so-called R&D centre. Not just near Pune, but nowhere else in India. People of Pune, let us join the brave struggle launched by the villagers of Shinde Vasuli to stop Dow from setting up its research centre there. This is as much our struggle, as we and our children will all be affected by its pollution. We, some activist groups of Pune, have come together to launch a KICK OUT DOW, SAVE PUNE MOVEMENT.



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