Next hearing of PEOPLE’S TRIBUNAL AGAINST DOW on April 19, Saturday

Dear friend,

The next hearing of the People's tribunal set up by the KICK OUT DOW SAVE PUNE MOVEMENT is going to take place this Saturday. Do join  us for this wonderful program.


Next hearing of PEOPLE'S TRIBUNAL against DOW R&D Centre
to take place this Saturday.


Date:       April 19, Saturday
Time:       4 pm to 8 pm.
Venue:     Shramik Building, near Dengle Bridge, Near Corporation Bus Stand, Pune.

The KICK OUT DOW, SAVE PUNE MOVEMENT is organising the next hearing of the PEOPLE'S TRIBUNAL  to hear the charges against the proposal to set up Dow's Research and Development Centre at Shinde Vasuli village next to Chakan near Pune, on Saturday, April 19, 2008. The tribunal will be presided over by Justice H. Suresh and Justice G. G. Loney, both retired judges of the Mumbai High Court.

Notices to appear before the tribunal and defend the proposal to set up the Dow Research Centre have been issued on behalf of the tribunal to Dow Chemical, and notice has also been served on the Government of Maharashtra through the District Collector of Pune, the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, and the Maharashtra Industrial Development Council (MIDC), to defend the permission granted to the Dow R&D centre. They have been invited to present their side of the case before the People's tribunal.

It may be remembered that at the previous hearing, the People's tribunal had heard people from the village and activists of Kick Out Dow Save Pune Movement, and had concluded that the facts placed before the Tribunal were satisfactory enough to issue show cause notices to Dow Chemical and Govt of Maharashtra on :

1. Whether Dow Chemical can be permitted to do research for unknown products given the history of the company?
2. Whether the permission given by the environmental authorities and Govt of Maharashtra for setting up the R&D centre is proper and justified?
3. Was it proper to set up this Dow R&D centre at Shinde and Vasuli villages without the permission of the gram panchayat of the two villages?

Advocate Sunil Dighe and Advocate Sunil Prabhu will represent KICK OUT DOW SAVE PUNE MOVEMENT before the tribunal.

All are invited to witness the proceedings.

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