Dear friend,

DOW CHEMICALS, one of the most notorious companies in the world, is setting up a R&D centre near Pune. This centre was refused permission in USA and Europe, but the Indian govt has rolled out a red carpet for it.

It is not known what research it is going to do, but this much is for sure that it is going to pollute the entire area. Dow's world wide record testifies to it, there is nothing harmless it does. And here too, it has done boring of 200 feet deep, and blasted underground, obviously to deposit its wastes.

The danger is that the toxic chemicals released by the Research centre would affect the entire Pune district, as SUDHA river flows through near the plant, which eventually merges into Indrayani river, and this would surely get polluted. Dow is now the owner of Union Carbide, the company responsible for Bhopal Gas Tragedy, and it is well known that this company was doing research on the effect of chemicals on human beings without the approval of the Indian govt, which came to light after the disaster. Dow is also known for making war chemicals which the US military has used in Iraq war, and in Vietnam earlier.

The people of the area have launched an agitation demanding the removal of Dow R&D center from their area, and we and some other activist groups have formed a KICK OUT DOW, SAVE PUNE MOVEMENT to support them. I am attaching the pamphlet we have brought out for this agitation.

In case you wish to distribute copies of the pamphlet among your friends, do ring me  up and i will make arrangements to send it to you.

We have launched a street campaign with a poster exhibition and a street play to campaign against Dow. The next agitation program is as below:


Date: Saturday, February 23, 2008

Time: 12 noon – 4 pm

Venue: Senapati Bapat Statue, Alka Talkies crossing, Deccan, Pune.

You are welcome to join us to express your support for the movement.

Our website http://www.lokayat.org.in
Our blog      http://pune-lokayat.blogspot.com


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